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The Pratham Endocrine & Diabetes Centre is superspeciality for diabetes, thyroid and other hormonal problems, in adult as well as paediatric patients.

The Pratham Endocrine & Diabetes Centre is designed to provide Patient Centred Medical care.

It is led by Dr pradip P Dalwadi, who is qualified endocrinologist and expert in field of hormone. The centre is dedicated to provide continuous and coordinated care throughout a patient lifetime to maximize health outcomes.

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Facilities & Advance Modalities

3 Netra classic

Non mydriatic fundus camera

Specificaly design to screen diabetes retinopathy

Smartdop XT 6 port

Fully automatic total vascular testing for ABI/TBI studies

Specifically design to screen peripheral vascular disease

Vibrotherm DX

Neuropathy analyser

Electric foot pressure plate podiastat (Germany)

Advance planter pressure platform pedography

2D/3D Foot Scanner for customised in sole of footware

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)

US FDA Approved device

For Diagnosis & Management of Hypertension

Insulin Pump Therapy

US FDA Approved device to deliver standard of

care in diabetes

Continuous Glucose monitoring system

Guardian Sensor 3-Medtronic

Free style librepro cam system - Abbott

  • Comprehensive Management of Endocrine/Hormone Related Diseases
  • Care of Diabetes Patients with all Advance Technology
  • Facilities to Screen Diabetes Related Complication
      Vibrotherm DX(Neuropathy)
      Peripheral Vascular Doppler & Hand Held doppler
      3 Netra for Retinopathy Screening
      Podiastat-2D/3D Foot scanner for Customised Foot ware
      ECG / ABPM / CGMS
  • Diabetes foot care by Diabetes Foot Surgeon
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease Management by Vascular surgeon
  • Physiotherapy Services for Diabetes Related Rhumatological Problem
  • Diet consultation for Diabetes & Obesity by qualified dietician
  • Thyroid clinic
  • Osteoporosis Clinic.
  • Facilities to do all Dynamic Endocrine Testing
  • Life Style modification programme by CDE
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
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